Snowshoe Adventures


I have never snowshoed before.  Can I go on this adventure?

All of our snowshoeing adventures are designed for beginners.  Snowshoeing is an ideal activity for those who want to enjoy an easy way to explore the wilderness.  If you can hike you can snowshoe.

Where are you located?

Pinawa Unplugged is located in Pinawa Manitoba.  All or our tours start and finish at the Pinawa Suspension Bridge Parking Lot.

Are dogs allowed?

We love dogs but we have a no pet policy because we want to create a safe space for all ages and experiences.

How do I get there?

As your coming down Hwy 211 look for the Pinawa Unplugged Sign on the side of the highway.  After the sign it's your next left hand turn.  The street sign says Alice Chambers Trail.   There is also a sign that says Pinawa Cemetery.  

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What if I arrive late?

Please try to be on time as there will be other guest waiting to go on their adventure.   Tour adventures will not wait longer than 10 minutes from the start time for late arrivals.

How many people are on a tour?

We maintain a snowshoe guide ratio of 1:8.

What equipment is provided?

We provide you with a lightweight pair of aluminum snowshoes and poles.  For night snowshoes we also provide you with a headlamp.

What are we required to bring?

We recommend layered clothing that is weatherproof and breathable.  Include mitts, proper head wear, a neck warmer and a warm pair of winter boots designed for hiking.  Sunglasses are also recommended for sunny days.


Are there washrooms?


There's a primitive washroom at the warm up tent.  If you require a flush toilet please make a pit stop before you arrive.  Your guide will carry TP for any emergency calls of nature.  

Should I bring food / water?

For your adventure we recommend that your bring a small waist pack or backpack with some energy snacks and at least 1 L of water.

Where do we stay and where do we eat?

Overnight accommodations are available at The Pinawa Motor Inn.   Food is available at The Pinawa Golf and Country Club 

How difficult are the snowshoe routes?

The course is beginner with a small moderate section and is approximately 3.5 kms in length.  The snowshoe will take approximately 1 1/2 hr.  The other 1 hr will be spent in our cozy outfitters tent gearing up before the snowshoe and warming up after while enjoying a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Can I organize my own group or adventure?

You sure can.  Just give us a call or email.


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