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Where is the start and finish of the float?

The start is at the end of Hwy 211 at the diversion dam.  The finish is at the Pinawa Suspension Bridge.

How long is the float?

It varies between 1 - 4 hrs.  The length will depend if you paddle or just float and if there's a head wind.

Do I have to finish the entire float?

Yes once you start the float there are no exits along the way.  

How do I get there and where do we park?

Follow Hwy 211 to the Suspension Bridge Parking turn off.  Turn left on Alice Chambers Trail and follow the road to the parking area.   Look for the Pinawa Unplugged tent to check in.  Once your group has checked in you will be shuttled from the suspension bridge parking lot the Channel Float start.  You will then float back to the suspension bridge where your car is parked.

Is there a charge for parking?


Yes the LGD of Pinawa is charging $10 per car for parking at the Suspension Bridge Parking Area (Float End Point) and at the End of Hwy 211 (Float Start Point)

Can we bring our kids?

Yes floating is a fun family activity.  Our minimum age limit is 3 yrs old.   Kids younger than 7 can share a tube with an adult if desired.   Kids older than 7 will require their own tube.  Tether straps are included with all tubes so they can be strapped together. We do not provide youth sized life jackets.  Please bring life jackets for your children.

What if I arrive late?

Please try to be on time as other guest will be waiting to go on their adventure.   Late arrivals might delay your start time.

What equipment is provided?

We provide you with an awesome kayak tube, kayak paddle and a adult sized life jacket.  Please bring your own child / youth life jackets.

What's recommended to bring?

We recommend you bring water, snacks, sunscreen, shoes that can get wet and cheap sunglasses.

What's your cancellation policy?

Life Happens.. If you need to cancel or reschedule let us know.  If reservations are cancelled 48 hours prior to your reservation date we will issue a full refund.  If reservations are not cancelled 48 hours prior a full refund WILL NOT be issued. Instead you will be receive a credit for another date to be used by the end of summer.   If we cancel due to rain or thunderstorms we will refund your money.


Are there washrooms?


There are porta-potties at the start and the end of the float.

Where do we stay and where do we eat?

Overnight accommodations are available at The Pinawa Motor Inn.   Food is available at The Pinawa Golf Country Club, The Burger Boat and On The Water Eats food truck all located in Pinawa.

Can I organize my own group or adventure?

You sure can.  Just give us a call or email.


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