Outfitter Tent Rental






Rent our secluded cute and cozy canvas outfitters tent for a day and make it your home base so you can explore Pinawa on foot, snowshoes, skis or skates.  Or if you need a break to unplug and relax spend the day at tent enjoying the beautiful surroundings.


There are lots of ways you can get outside and enjoy Pinawa in the winter.  For example;


  • Take a walk on the Iron Wood trail that runs along the Winnipeg River. 

  • Go skating on the outdoor rinks at the arena or beach.

  • Snowshoe through the beautiful boreal forest on sections of The Great Trail.

  • Go cross country skiing on the extensive trail network that starts at the edge of town.

  • Go for a hike on The Great Trail that runs from Old Pinawa through Pinawa to Seven Sisters

  • Go tobogganing at Yo-Yo Hill or on the golf course hill.

  • Go ice fishing on the Pinawa Channel or Winnipeg River.

Tent Rental Pricing

$80 per day maximum 8 people (10 am - 8 pm no overnight stays allowed)

4 pairs of snowshoes included.

Firewood Included.

Due to Covid 19 Code Red all people in your group must be members of your household.

Contact us to book

204 340 5149