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Seven Sisters Great Trail Biking Tour

Join us for a (15 km) guided bike adventure on the Trans Canada Trail to Seven Sisters Dam. Check out the single-track trail that winds it way through boreal forest and along the Winnipeg River. On the ride take in the colours of Mother Natures canvas.  Bike across a hyrdo power dam built in 1931 and hear the roar of the water coming through the spillway. Enjoy an ice cream after the ride or a meal at a local outdoor picnic venue.

$40.00 per person

6 people maximum per tour


Cost of the tour includes bike, helmet and return transportation back to Pinawa.

Please dress appropriately for a bike ride and the weather forecast.  Sunscreen, bug spray and a hat are recommend.   Please bring your own water and snacks.  Water bottle holders are installed on the bikes.

This tour is for participants 14 years and older

If you would like to book a tour and you don't need a bike rental the cost is $20.00.  

To book please contact us


204 340 5149

Use the contact form or start a live chat.

We will be happy to schedule a date and time for your tour.