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Pinawa Unplugged is a local owned and operated business by Sue Appleyard.  Sue moved to Pinawa 19 years ago.  She quickly moved past the question, “where am I and what am I doing here” when she discovered that Pinawa is the jewel in the rough of the boreal forest located on the edge of the Canadian Shield.  It didn’t take long for her to be out on the water in canoes and kayaks, sometimes finding white water that would take her breath away.  Then she discovered the adventures that two wheels can bring to life when she found out Pinawa had a labyrinth of mountain bike trails woven throughout the timbers of the forest.  It isn’t only her outdoor experiences in Pinawa and the local area that make Sue want to share her gifts of navigating nature.  She completed the thru hike of Appalachian Trail (2179 Miles) in six months.  Sue continues to make Pinawa her home with her kids and spouse.  She now is an honorary Pinawanian and happy to share the outdoor secrets with anyone who may inquire about the “little community at the end of a highway”  Sue cares about customer service and attention to detail and safety.


 Come join us and discover the magic of Pinawa.

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